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Santorini frequently ask questions  


Why my prices are a much better than other Santorini wedding planners?

 If this is what you are asking, it is because i am a local wedding planner. Other wedding planners here are not from Santorini, and thus have to charge more to rent equipment, etc. I, on the other hand, have years of experience in Santorini, and know all of the local people and venues in town, and can thus offer my clients the least expensive wedding packages. I hope this answers your question, please let me know if you have further inquiries.

 Can I have a symbolic ceremony with no paperwork involved?

A: Yes! And the ceremony is exactly the same as the legal wedding. Many couples that happens to find difficulty with their paperwork, they are getting married back home with by just signing the papers at their town hall without taking the ceremony part and then they come here and they have the actual ceremony with the views of the ocean and the breathtaking sunset and all these times, their guests don't even know about it!

When should I book my date? If I want to get married next year, is it too soon?

 Many people think, that it is too early to book a wedding date but please note that Santorini is the number 1 wedding destination the last 8 years and it is very hard to find available the date you want even from 2 years from now.

 How many days residency is required in Santorini

You have to be in Santorini 1 - 2 days before the wedding and 1 working day after the wedding to register your wedding. (not for all countries though so it is better to contact me)

What papers do I need to get married?

 Please click here

What is the Apostille stamp and where can I get it from

The documents you will send us must be authenticated for use abroad. This is also called legalization of the document. Authentication means that a seal is placed on the document which will be recognized in the foreign country where the document will be used and that is the Apostille stamp.

For European countries please contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the rest countries, please contact your Department of State of your country.

How many days before the wedding you need our paperwork?

You send them to us, via fax or email  to check them and tell you if they are ok or if something is missing, and then you can bring them with you when you come to Santorini. If you send them without our confirmation and the papers are not correct, the wedding will be cancelled.

If for some reason our papers are not in your hands, what happens?

The wedding will be either cancelled or you can have a symbolic ceremony which is exactly as the regular wedding ceremony but it will not be legal, it will be like vows renewal but your guests will not know the difference

 I don't have a Greek embassy or Consultant in my area to translate and authenticate my papers, what can I do?

You can send your papers to us and we will handle the translation and the authentication for a fee.

What is the best time to get married?

Whether its April or October Santorini is always great and most couples prefer to get married before the sunset. This will give you a photo album with the first photos of your life together that have the sunset as a background. Moreover during the day it is too hot and bright, which may cause some discomfort!


When do we receive our photos?

Photos will be developed the following day and we will deliver them to you, together with the negatives.

Can I rent a Wedding Dress in Santorini?
Yes, we have a selection of beautiful wedding dresses that you can rent for your wedding.

What I do after I received our Marriage licenses from Santorini Town hall.

You can have it translated by any accredited translator of your area. You don't need to go via the Greek Embassy OR via Athens.
Then, please call your registry office to see if it is needed to be presented at this time OR if only when you need to change your name, insurance docs etc.

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